Winter Driving - 5 Tips Before Setting Off.

Make your Winter Journey easier with 5 simple tips.

Driving around during the winter months can be a real pain in the arse, even for a car enthusiast like me.

Whether it's being blinded by low level sun glare, or simply shivering to death at 6am whilst your engine warms up, we can all agree that driving around in the Winter sucks.  I have thrown together a list of 5 simple things you can do before setting off, to make your journey that little bit easier:


Carry an extra bottle of Screen Wash

Planing a long motorway journey? Better make sure your Screen Wash fluid is topped up!

During Winter, running out of Screen Wash on the motorway will quickly lead to a windscreen that looks like this:

Be smart and carry an extra bottle of ready-mixed Screen Wash in the car, should you need to pull over and top-up:


DON'T use wipers to clear thick Snow.

Snow is heavy. Unfortunately, wipers aren't designed to push thick layers of it.

As tempting as it may be, using wipers to move snow will only result in your wiper arms unbolting themselves from their spindle, or worse still, breaking the wiper linkage completely.

Always fully clear snow from your vehicle before setting off.

Not a fun fix when you're running late!


Defrost your Headlights, Brake Lights & Indicators.

It's not just your windows that need de-icing. The last thing you need are brake lights and indicators that other road users cannot see. Especially when being dazzled by the sun, which sits much lower in the sky during Winter.

A few squirts of de-icer are all that's needed.


Keep your wing mirrors clean.

Slush and grit splashing up from icy, wintery roads will very easily obscure parts of your wing mirror.

Before setting off, wipe the dirty away with a suitable micro fiber cloth.


Check that your Headlights are switched on at Night. 

This one sounds obvious, but many new cars have dashboards that automatically light up at night, even if the headlamps don't. Which means it's easy to forget to switch on your regular (dipped) beam headlamps.

If you're not very familiar with the headlight symbols, take a minute to try each position on your headlamp switch/stalk whilst checking the front of your car, make a note of which lights illuminate when set to the Dipped Beam symbol (shown below!). Even if your car has 'Automatic' headlights, it's still worth checking this, to better familiarize yourself with your car.

Stay safe on the roads this Winter!


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