Why I have always loved cars...

So I guess this is where my passion for cars first began...

To the majority of people, the modern car is nothing but an appliance. A steel cage on wheels to transport them from point A to point B. However if like me you consider yourself to be a 'Petrol Head', then cars to people like us are the ultimate form of expression.

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by many many interesting vehicles even on an average daily commute.

My own big passion for cars was largely influenced by my Grandad. For me, visiting my Grandparents house was like taking a trip to a miniature Motor Museum. My Grandfather loved collecting things and over the years had built up an extensive collection of die-cast model vehicles that he proudly displayed throughout his living room, albeit most were securely locked away within glass cabinets, strictly not to be played with. Whenever I visited my Grandparents, I would often find myself sitting by the display cabinets, peering through the glass at all of the different kinds of makes & models. Anything from Ferrari F40's to Ferrymaster HGV's and Ford Transit vans in Royal Mail livery. He had almost every kind of model vehicle you can imagine.

By the time I'd reached adult age, my Grandparents had downsized to a bungalow and thus didn't have much room for display cabinets, so (as seen below!) some of the bigger models went onto small shelves and simply gathered dust over the years, almost like those Saudi 'abandoned expensive car' galleries you can find online!

Ferrari F40 gathering dust in my Grandads house:

Likewise in Saudi Arabia:

The years of looking at these models from behind glass as a child certainly made an impact on me and as a result, I absolutely love cars and vehicles in general. By the time I reached my teens I could name virtually any vehicle (make and model) that drove past me as I walked school each day. I knew I had a passion, though wasn't really sure what to do with it.

So now, I've decided it's time pursue my passion a bit further with my blog/site Fenton's Car World. I'll post about the cars that really interest me, events that I go to and really anything cool that I find online.

I may even throw in a car review or two! Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you see on my site smile


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